On Saturday, February 1st, Chris Switzer announced in front of nearly 60 close friends and family members, his intent to run for commissioner in District 2 of Vigo County.  Chris is in his first term on the Vigo County Council.  In his announcement, he cited many things and gave thanks to Vigo County Republican chairman, Randy Gentry.  Vigo County Pachyderm president, Rick Long.  Larry and Annette Switzer.  Jenifer, Jhett and Emma Switzer.  It’s important for people to realize the sacrifice a family makes during a campaign.

Chris said becoming commissioner means so much more than just an executive of the county.  It’s the opportunity to be a bridge to countless gaps this community has.  It can be a fresh start between county and city officials, county and state officials and county and non-profits.  It’s the opportunity to not only maintain a good, fiscally sound, hard working county.  It’s the opportunity to travel all the Vigo county zip codes and understand the underlying issues and why we continue to struggle, while the rest of Indiana grows.  Redeveloping a relationship with Indiana Economic development and working more in depth with Terre Haute Economic Development.  Getting our community drug free and leading the way in the state with sobriety.  

Commissioner should be working through issues as a whole team.  There have been some years, when it seemed the team was only a few people, instead of the 100,000 members this community has.  Our county has aged.  Young people are leaving.  New industry is lacking.  Technology jobs are scarce.  Unemployment is among the highest in the state. Terre Haute and Vigo County is looking for young, energetic, passionate and genuine leadership.  Having a young person in office, in touch with modern day issues, while raising a family right here, locally, now could be very beneficial.  Creating and maintaining relationships with members of our community, other successful counties and state leaders, will allow us to open doors for future development, quality of life attractions and an all-around positive community attitude.  It’s true when outgoing commissioner Judith Anderson said, “Its time for the next generation to take over.”

Chris can be reached by phone at (812)241-2344  

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